OzFinancial has a dedicated team of professional individuals. Like you, we are driven by a variety of passions. We pride ourselves on the values of our firm and the services we deliver and approach our work with determination, balance and genuine sincerity.

We are pleased to introduce our senior team:

Michael Cornips
Managing Director

Michael's previous experience has been as the Managing Director and Compliance Executive of a public offer SMA Equity Fund. Prior to this Michael was Managing Director of Oamps Financial Services Pty Ltd, managing a public offer Superannuation and Industry Fund (including the role of Treasurer of the Public Company). Michael is the Founder and Principle of an Australian Financial Services Licensee for over 12 years. Michael past experience includes Head of a Fixed Interest and an Interest Rate Swaps operation. Michael has also completed a Masters in Applied Finance (Macquarie University).

Patrick Nelson

Patrick Nelson has established and run TradersCircle Pty Ltd, where he has developed the business plans and strategies for the organisations. Previously Patrick has worked as a senior manager and consultant for several Funds Management and Investment Service businesses. His current focus is to ensure that clients receive complete transparency and support throughout the investment process.

Jimmy Vith
Senior Adviser

Jimmy has over 10 years experience as a private trader and he is very well known for his extensive options trading experience as well as for his exceptional trading talent. He is responsible for general advice and execution of complex options strategies and transactions. Prior to becoming an adviser, Jimmy held various sales roles within the finance industry. Jimmy is experienced in providing general advice, as well as support and execution, for most of our options recommendations.

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