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Download Your Free eBook: An introduction to Exchange Traded Options

Learn to Trade   For beginners in trading options, this guide is the perfect way to come to terms with the basics. It covers all the fundamentals including puts and calls, spread trading, ways to use options to hedge your portfolio and what are binary options.


Free Video Series - Introducing Options

Options Introduction

This series of videos will show you what options are, how they work and what’s possible if someone wants to trade options or use options in your investment portfolio. Then what you need to do next to be able to get started or if you’re currently using them how to take your trading to the next level.


What is an Option?

When trading options there are two types of options you can trade, call options and put options. This video will briefly explain what an option is and what to consider when choosing an option.


Call and Put Options

In this video we will explain how you can use options to trade a rising or falling market.


Options Theoretical Value

What are the parameters of an options pricing formula.


How Investors use Options

Options are not only used for trading. Traders can use them to hedge their portfolio in times of high volatility. Here's how it works.


Covered Call

A covered call is another way traders can use options outside of trading. You can sell call options over stock you own to receive a premium.


Option Strategies

Finally, options can be used in combination with each other to give the trader a variety of ways to hedge, cap their risk or profit from directional moves.