Webcast Recording - Lithium the Great Disruptor

Internationally Diversified Blue Chip Investment

India, France and Britain have all signalled their intention to stop the internal combustion engine. This is as soon as 2030 in India, and by 2019 Volvo won’t make a car that isn’t at least hybrid. Pollution, the cost of fuels and technology advancements mean we've already past the point of no return.

The lithium-ion battery has already and will continue to change the way we live and consume energy.

This international investment gives you global exposure to the exciting Lithium disruption story.

This launch offers investors the ability to gain exposure to the performance of an internationally diversified basket of some of the world’s leading companies which play a critical role in the following sectors:

  • Global Lithium mining;
  • Lithium Ion battery technological advancement and manufacturing;
  • Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Unit production and distribution around the world.

The results to date from last year's campaign have been fantastic (Please note: Past performance does not indicate future performance).

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