Sky and Space Global - Webcast Recording

On Monday 26th of March, SAS and OzFinancial ran a shareholder briefing to update investors. Watch to learn:

  1. The importance of the company's recent '3 Diamonds' nano-satellites launch
  2. The bigger picture opportunities for SAS 2018/19 and immediate plans
  3. Details around the recent capital raising and current Share Purchase Plan (SPP)

To visit our resources page for Sky and Space Global, CLICK HERE. You will find;

  1. Recently commissioned research report
  2. 'Sky and Space Global - 5 Key Facts' video with Meir Moalem
  3. Investment presentation

*OzFinancial are the advisors assisting with the management of this SPP, If you have any other questions, please call them on (03) 8080 5795 or email

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**Please Note:

  • The securities on offer are issued by Sky and Space Global Ltd (ABN 73 117 770 475)
  • The Offer of the securities is made in the Share Purchase Plan (SPP) Offer Letter dated 16 March 2018.
  • You need to consider the SPP Offer Letter and Terms and Conditions in deciding whether to acquire the securities.
  • To acquire the securities you will need to complete the personal application form that accompanies the SPP Offer Letter.
  • As the advisers assisting with the management of the SPP, OzFinancial Australia Pty Ltd may receive fees depending on whether the SPP is taken up by investors.