The Vantage²º is a smart way to invest in Australian BlueChip Shares. The portfolio aims to provide a better risk adjusted return of a diversified portfolio while minimising costs.

Through Vantage²º, you can own a diverse portfolio based on the Top 20 stocks. The benefits of the Vantage²º approach mean you’ll be positioned in the market to match broader market returns, receive franked dividends and pay low fees with discount brokerage.

Why consider investing in Vantage²º

If you want to invest directly in the Australian Top 20 BlueChip Stocks.
100% visibility - have all your holdings in your name and on your own ASX HIN.
Strong dividend paying portfolio.
Low fees and brokerage.

If you would like to find out more

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Key Risks

  • The approach offers nil diversification across different asset classes such as international equities, cash, fixed interest or property.
  • The performance of direct shares depends on the performance of the companies, their business and economic environments.
  • Increased market volatility and a downward trend in the market as a whole would reduce the value of your shares.
  • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
  • Although the Vantage²º portfolio invests in the same shares as the ASX 20, the performance will differ and
    the returns may be less.




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