Northern Minerals Investor Briefing with CEO George Bauk (October 4, 2018)

Northern Minerals Pilot Plant Opening (July 27, 2018)

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Northern Minerals Limited

Northern Minerals Limited (ASX: NTU) is as an exploration company with the core focus on the development of heavy rare earths projects, in particular the element dysprosium in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Through the development of its flagship project, the Browns Range, Northern Minerals aims to be the most significant producer of dysprosium outside of China. 

The Project is 100% owned by Northern Minerals and has several deposits and prospects containing high value dysprosium and other heavy rare earths. Dysprosium is an essential ingredient in the production of  magnets used in electric vehicles, clean energy and high technology solutions. 

The Pilot Plant development provides the opportunity to gain production experience, surety of supply for offtake partner and assess the economic and technical feasibility of the larger full-scale development.

Northern Minerals Research

Hallgarten & Company
Dysprosium – The Dark Horse in the REE Stakes: We have often likened the REE space to a horse race. Usually the metaphor was regarding the companies in the field and attempting to predict which shall make it to the finish line and which shall end up getting sent, metaphorically-speaking, to the glue factory. However, in another respect the Lanthanide Stakes has ended up being perceived as a two-horse race amongst the elements in the series with all the other runners, excepting Neodymium and Praseodymium being scratched before the starting gun. Of course this reflects yet again the shorttermism of the analytical community who have trouble remembering the day before yesterday let alone the uses to which Lanthanides were put in the 1950s or, heaven forbid, the 1910s. Rare Earths were around before they arrived and will be here well after they are gone.

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Adamas Intellegence:
Looking ahead, dysprosium demand growth will be increasingly driven by global megatrends linked to electric mobility, clean energy, energy efficiency, and automation. These fast-growing policy-driven sectors will propel global demand to new heights, requiring an unprecedented increase in global production to keep up. However, as China, the world’s dominant producer of dysprosium, continues to crackdown on unsanctioned production in the nation, Adamas Intelligence believes that global dysprosium production may in fact decrease, emphasizing the need for new sources of supply.

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Hallgarten and Company:
This report highlights a 12 month price target of $0.38 for NTU. Their view on NTU comes from a perspective that sees the Rare-earth scene repeating what has happened in the Lithium space in recent times. Most importantly, they believe NTU is ‘indubitably ahead of the pack’ of other Rare-earth producers thanks to their staged approach to production and ability to secure key offtake agreements (among other reasons).

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OzFinancial Research:
This report outlines the challenges and opportunities for Northern Minerals. In particular the huge potential of Rare-earths and how the company is well positioned to benefit from it.

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Northern Minerals - Investor Presentation - August 2018

What is Dysprosium? - Video

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