Cabral Resources – Share Applications Still Open

The Cabral Resources ASX Listing opportunity has been extended into this week, meaning you can still get ground floor exposure to one of the most sought after resources from the last two years, coking coal.

  1. If you have an account with OzFinancial: Complete the form provided and follow the funding instructions provided to you
  2. If you do NOT have an account with OzFinancial: Click the ‘Apply Now’ image above to download the prospectus and follow the online application process.

If you have any questions, please call (03) 8080 5795 or email

Cabral Resources is a Coking Coal Listing that features;

  1. One of the fastest growing commodity prices
  2. Premium grade coking coal projects
  3. Leading coking coal experts

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Cabral Resources Ltd Investor Presentation

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