ElSight Ltd Hits Their Stride - Update

Date: 2nd August 2017

Recently Listed data streaming specialists ElSight hit their stride with an exciting new partnership, and strong first quarter revenues

ElSight limited has announced an exciting new partnership that will likely advance the cutting-edge field of telemedicine. A new French company, Alrena SmartMedicase, will connect off-site doctors to emergency service workers in the field using Elsight’s cutting edge wireless data & video streaming technologies. The revolutionary SmartMedicase aims to address the shortage of doctors, especially in rural areas, as well as the poor and random cellular coverage that is currently relied upon for much of the existing telemedicine being carried out. 

This builds upon the good work the company has already achieved, with strong first quarter revenues of $420,000 reported by the company today, indicating strong growth for the company since it listed approximately one month ago.

ASX Listing Code: ELS

Elsight - Cyber Security Multichannel Tech IPO

Elsight is a exciting business already providing solutions to;

  • Homeland Security Office
  • The Israeli Police
  • The Office of the Prime Minister of Israel

Watch their company overview, investor presentation and read their prospectus.

*Please note this IPO has closed*

Elsight Company Overview

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