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Tune in to hear industry experts Patrick Nelson (CEO - OzFinancial/TradersCircle) and Michael Gordon (Director - Gordon Capital) keep you up to date on upcoming IPO’s and capital raises. Get insight to companies listing, the big stories, the big movers and what to be wary of?


Episode 7 – Parkd Ltd, Spreedbox Holdings, and Rhythm Biosciences

This week we talk about the current IPO landscape heading into the holiday period and look into three interesting early-stage IPO’s. The first of which - Parkd Ltd (PKD), is a W.A. based company with an innovative, flexible car parking system. Spreedbox Holdings (SBX) provide privacy and security to voice/video conferencing and file sharing through a cloud based solution. Finally, we look at Rhythm Biosciences (RHY), a biotech company that has acquired the commercialisation rights to a blood test developed by the CSIRO for detecting colorectal cancer.

Episode 6 - Nanollose Ltd & Wattle Health Australia

On this episode we look at one of the most successful listings of 2017 in Wattle Health Australia. We also discuss an upcoming Biotech IPO in Nanollose Ltd, a company that specializes in ‘plant free’ cellulose technologies.

Episode 5 – Abundant Produce (ABT) and RightCrowd Ltd (RCW)

This week we look at how the recent North Korea tensions have effected markets and put the spotlight on another two IPO’s. RightCrowd ltd (RCW) is an upcoming listing that provides software which allows companies to manage the flow of people through their infrastructure. Abundant Produce (ABT) is a somewhat controversial IPO from last year, specialising in the intellectual property of agricultural seeds, and has felt both sides of success since listing.

Episode 4: Skin Elements Ltd and Kelly Partners Group Holdings Ltd

In this episode, Michael returns from the ‘Bioshares Biotech Summit’ to give an insight into the key details to assess when evaluating a Biotech company. We also evaluate the performances of recently listed businesses ‘Skin Elements Ltd’ (SKN) and Sydney based accounting firm Kelly Partners Group Holdings Ltd (KPG) before taking a look at an upcoming IPO to keep an eye on.

Episode 3: How IPO’s Create Opportunities Through Disruption

This week we are joined by special guest and industry veteran - Peter Graham (Senior Institutional Adviser at Sequoia Wealth Management). We discuss how Peter’s experiences have shaped the way he looks at an IPO and the information he sees as the most important. We also explore the way innovative IPO’s create a ‘disruption’ in the market and what this can mean for investors.

Episode 2 – GetSwift Ltd and Robo 3D Ltd

This week Patrick and Michael discuss what makes a good value proposition – we look at a star performer IPO (Get Swift) and one that struggled (ROBO). We discuss the importance of the valuation of an IPO with Matthew Lindh (Managing Director at Sequoia Corporate Finance) and give you an update on the week gone and the week ahead. 

Episode 1 - Olivers Real Food & Eagle Health Holdings Ltd

Patrick and Michael discuss two upcoming listings in Olivers Real Food (OLI) and Eagle Health Holdings Limited (EHH). We also have Matthew Hoskin, CEO of the upcoming Sienna Cancer Diagnostics IPO, sit down to talk about his company’s story and opportunity for investors.

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