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Ausroc Metals Ltd - To be renamed 'Woomera Mining Limited' - ASX Listing

Woomera Mining Limited, upon listing, will be an Explorer with potentially significant deposits of lithium hard rock, lithium brine, cobalt, nickel and copper. 

What sets this company apart is their ability to use technology to identify and accurately model geophysical anomalies to be targeted with drilling. On just four of their 19 tenements they identified 12 separate nickel-copper-cobalt drill targets and it was this work that encouraged OZ Minerals to fund their Musgrave Province Project!

Woomera Mining’s use of cutting edge technology (VRMI) allows them to identify the type of composition, as well as the shape and size of an ore body for minerals such as cobalt, nickel, graphite and copper that traditional methods may miss. 

Woomera Mining have a very clear and proven business model: find the ore, add value and monetise.

The world is scrambling to utilise energy and energy storage technologies that will increasingly demand more and more lithium, cobalt, nickel and copper.

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Managing Director Gerard Anderson discusses Woomera Mining

Woomera Mining Ltd - Investor Presentation

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