***Minotaur Exploration Shareholder - Priority Allocation***

PVW Resources NL (“PVW”), a gold exploration IPO, is intending to seek a listing on the ASX in Q4 2018 and, as a Minotaur Exploration shareholder, you may apply for priority allocation in the float of PVW.

Details of this particular offering are unavailable until the Prospectus is approved in the coming weeks. However, investors can register for priority allocation and be alerted as soon as the Prospectus is available to review this offer in detail.

Register to secure your priority allocation and OzFinancial (the advisor assisting with this offering) will send the Prospectus upon approval.

If you have any questions, please call (03) 8080 5795 or email admin@ozfinancial.com.au.

Registering for a priority allocation does not of itself financially obligate the applicant to subscribe for securities in the IPO of PVW, that decision being made upon later receipt of the PVW Prospectus.

Minotaur Exploration is not a participant in the offer for securities in PVW and does not endorse or otherwise recommend the offer under the PVW Prospectus.

This invitation to register does not constitute an offer by Minotaur to subscribe for shares. Interested shareholders should seek independent professional financial advice when considering their investment position.

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