New IPO Listing Mako Gold have secured cornerstone investment from ASX listed - Resolute Mining.

Resolute Mining operate gold mines in West Africa and we see this as a massive vote of confidence in Mako Gold.

The team at Mako Gold were also behind Orbis Gold, and took the share price from 8 cents to 71 cents, at which point it was taken over by Canadian miner SEMAFO for $178 million.

Mako Gold have some highly prospective tenements and the team has a proven track record with an amazing return of 3 West African gold discoveries in 3 years whilst at Orbis.

This IPO is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company led by people that know how to deliver value to their shareholders. Register now to receive the Prospectus.

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  • The securities on offer are issued by Mako Gold Limited (ACN 606 241 829).
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**The shares offered by this prospectus should be considered highly speculative. An investment in the company is not risk free and potential investors need to consider the risk factors described in the prospectus and to consult their professional advisers before deciding whether to apply for shares. As per the prospectus ASIC, the ASX and their officers take no responsibility for the contents of the prospectus or the merit of the investment to which this prospectus relates.