Uranium prices fell in 2011 post Fukushima when the Japanese turned the lights out on 48 nuclear reactors. This triggered the downward trend on uranium.

Yet, with so many fundamental factors now supporting uranium, the famous Warren Buffett quote comes to mind, 'be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful'.

Fear has driven many uranium companies out of the uranium market but one that has remained strong is Toro Energy (ASX: TOE) which is perfectly positioned, and permitted to mine 62 million pounds of uranium (JORC) in Western Australia.

Toro have been working hard to reduce future production costs and recently announced a potentially significant gold asset. Uranium explorer/developer companies like Toro have sold off with the Uranium prices and could represent a significant opportunity if you are a believer in the long term prospect for Uranium. 

Read this latest report on uranium and Toro Energy to find out;

  • The potential near and long-term catalysts that could provide significant value to shareholders

  • Why uranium could be poised for a fast turnaround

  • How Toro are positioning themselves to benefit from a rise in uranium prices