Trading Services

OzFinancial runs one of the busiest single option’s trading desks in Australia. We cater to both experienced and novice traders and investors; offering Full Service and Online trade execution.

Full Service allows you to discuss your trade with an experienced professional; perfect for those looking for general trade advice, with competitive rates. Our Online Trading platform allows you to independently execute your trades at discount rates*.
This service is suited to those who are completing trades of Shares, Equities, Options and Warrants and that want to execute the trade themselves.

The benefits of trading with OzFinancial ...
  Full Service or discount online trade execution dependant on your needs for that trade, 
  Access to experienced Equity and Derivatives Advisers,
  Service from a boutique firm that values our relationship with you,
  One contract note for multiple trades executed daily,
  Specialist company and trade research along with trade and investment suggestions from our investment team,
  Full tax reporting is available.

We also have a charting package available, where you can use advanced software to customise your own watch list and develop your own entry and exit parameters.
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* Discount rates are in relation to our Full Service Rates.

Trading Services

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