**Toro Energy - Share Purchase Plan**

Toro Energy Limited (ASX: TOE) (Toro) has launched a Share Purchase Plan (SPP), at an issue price of $0.025 per new share.

Toro is permitted to mine 62 million pounds of uranium in Western Australia and is one of only three companies granted permits to mine uranium in the State. We will continue research and development with a view to significantly reducing costs of production (up to 40%) and also explore the potentially significant gold assets in the Lake Maitland tenements.

Toro's SPP is an opportunity to significantly reduce uranium production costs and explore the Lake Maitland tenement for gold.

We do believe the future of nuclear power cannot be denied. With stockpiles being depleted and more reactors coming online, the world is looking for clean, cheap and carbon neutral power.

Whilst uranium prices seem to be at subdued levels currently, historically it has moved quickly. If you are a believer in uranium and the role it can play in delivering clean, cheap and scalable energy, then Toro’s permit to mine 62 million pounds could represent terrific long-term value.

As a bonus to existing shareholders, Toro has a potentially significant gold asset at Lake Maitland, the Yandal Gold Project. We have chosen to evaluate and explore this asset for our shareholders in parallel to our uranium development profile.

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*OzFinancial Australia are the advisors assisting with the management of this SPP and can be contacted on (03) 8080 5795 or at admin@ozfinancial.com.au should you have any questions. 

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**Please Note:

  • The securities on offer are issued by Toro Energy Limited (ACN 117 127 590)
  • The Offer of the securities is made in the Share Purchase Plan (SPP) Offer Letter dated 31 May 2018.
  • You need to consider the SPP Offer Letter and Terms and Conditions in deciding whether to acquire the securities.
  • To acquire the securities you will need to complete the personal application form that accompanies the SPP Offer Letter.
  • As the advisers assisting with the management of the SPP, Oz Financial Australia Pty Ltd may receive fees depending on whether the SPP is taken up by investors.